Analyst: “Cycle Lows” For Chainlink May Be In, Expect $14 Next

Chainlink (LINK) has experienced a strong decline after peaking at around $20 in August. At the recent lows, the : Ethereum Transaction Fees Surge to All-Time Highs After Uniswap Launch

Chainlink May Soon Move Higher a Bottom Formation Appears

Chainlink is likely poised to continue its ascent to the upside in the near future, analysts say as the shared the chart below of LINK just recently, writing that the “cycle lows” might be in the for the cryptocurrency:

“Cycle lows might be in on Chainlink. Seeing a lot of the top DeFi hype coins lose its shine, makes me think that Chainlink will get some time back in the spotlight. Currently at resistance and waiting for the flip to enter. I think $BTC and $ETH lead up again.”


Chart of LINK's price action over the past few months with analysis by Loma (@LomahCrypto on Twitter). Chart from

Another analyst is expecting LINK to move higher from current levels. He shared a chart recently that indicates that the MicroStrategy’s Stock Continues to Soar After BTC Purchase

All Eyes on Bitcoin

While Chainlink does have its own technicals indicating upside, it is unlikely to move too far to the upside unless Bitcoin continues its ascent.

Fortunately for bulls, there are a number of reasons why Bitcoin will extend its gains to the upside in the near future.

Some reasons are fundamental factors: for one, it was revealed just this past week that Square, a leading fintech company, had purchased $50 million worth of BTC for its balance sheet. Jack Dorsey, which heads Square and Twitter simultaneously, has previously branded Bitcoin as the internet’s most likely contender to become a currency of the Internet.

Also this week, stimulus talks were put back on as another multi-trillion-dollar bill was floated. Analysts think that the passing of another stimulus bill will result in a decline of the U.S. dollar, resulting in an incline in the value of hedges like BTC and gold.

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Analyst: "Cycle Lows" For Chainlink May Be In, Expect $14 Next

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